Increase sales and social media presence.

It’s time to improve your brand and bring more customers. With FlyShare media you have the opportunity to take your social media campaigns to the next level. We offer a variety of services aimed at helping small and medium businesses scale through social media marketing.

Improve your brand and enhance your business web audience.

As of 2020 your brand has to have a strong online presence in order to compete with this ever changing market. We help people just like you take their ideas online, and drive audiences towards unique products.

Paid media & ads management

We help manage all of your Facebook & Instagram ads, optimize your campaigns and improve your overall conversions. We simplify the whole process so you can focus on your product.

Audience creation & management

We know how important an audience is for your business, that is why we provide an in-depth service that manages all aspects of audience creation and retention

Brand creation & online presence optimization

Technology no longer has to be a barrier for your business, we optimize your website and design all of your online presence in order to strengthen your brand.

How do we operate Ads?

  • You send us images

    Send us product, and business images, we will adapt them in order to make proper advertisements.

  • We develop a testing strategy & make serveral creatives

    Once we have developed your ads we do several variations in order to test them against different audiences. The design is going to be monitored by you unless you want us to manage it all.

  • Our team writes the copy for your ads

    Our in-house copywriters will develop the perfect copy for your ads in order to further increase conversions. You just have to specify the type of action you want users to perform and where you want to drive traffic.

  • We publish the campaign

    We are ready to start showing your ads to Facebook and Instagram audiences.

  • We analyze all the data

    Once the ads are deployed we analyze all the results, and start recording the behavior of the ads. Don't worry we will keep you informed with constant information regarding the campaign.

  • We Optimize the campaing

    Once we are finished collecting data we start fine tuning your campaign in order to further improve the results and drive more customers.

  • Your funnel is ready and we will keep it up to date

    Once the initial process is done, we will start collecting data on a regular basis and further improving your campaigns by repeating the same steps. By this time your funnel will already be converting. Your business will see an improvement in lead generations month after month.

Let us grow your audience and take your products to new horizons.

With FlyShare media you can grow your following regardless if you are a personal brand, a small business or an already established brand. We provide management and help generate audience retention & engagement. Scale your following and achieve great results.



We create successful campaigns for social media and help you implement various audience growth plans.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness

We maximize brand growth for clients by enhancing their brand awareness through various social media interaction methods.

Ad testing & campaign optimization

Ad testing & campaign optimization

We create sublime campaigns that drive customers closer to your products and services.

Web presence creation

Web presence creation

Don't know where to start? Don't worry we help you create a name for yourself in the online world. With website design and brand creation the opportunities are endless.

Social account management

Social account management

We manage your social media profiles and constantly interact with your audience driving organic growth.



We help your team make strong strategies and improve your already existing services by sharing important skills.

Hire our services and give your business the best opportunity!